August 1, 2019

Album Title Artist Label Cancon
TPC Tokyo Police Club Dine Alone Records CANCON
Next Life In My Coma Hype Music CANCON
All The Hours I Have Left To Tell You Anything Sarah Macdougall Baseline Records CANCON
True Rockers Monster Truck Mascot Records CANCON
The Lies We Sell Sierra Pilot Independent CANCON
Thresholds Mike Edel Cordova Bay Records CANCON
A Rock Supreme Danko Jones Indica Records CANCON
Huttchino Huttch 818329 Records DK2 CANCON
12 Sloan Yep Roc Records CANCON
Civilianaires The Trews MapleCore Ltd. CANCON
Miracle The Perms Hugtight Records CANCON
Critical Hit Yukon Blonde Dine Alone Records CANCON
Growing Pains Bad Animal Tiny Kingdom Music CANCON
Cascadia Said The Whale Arts & Crafts Productions CANCON
Order In Decline Sum 41 Hopeless Records CANCON
Once Upon a Hell of a Time Matt Mays Sonic Records CANCON
Beauty Community The Elwins Hidden Pony Records CANCON
Half Girl Half Ghost Matt Steele & The Corvette Sunset Matt Steele & The Corvette Sunset CANCON
Retaliation Vacation Hollerado Royal Mountain Records CANCON
Foolish Games Bend Sinister Cordova Bay Records CANCON
Shadowlands Matt Epp Tonetoaster Records CANCON
Burning The Midnight Oil Page 38 Independent CANCON
Afterglow Autopilot Independent CANCON
Control Freak MonoWhales 563530 Records DK CANCON
Rally Cry Arkells Universal Music Group CANCON
Back To What You Started With The Sheveled 961361 Records DK CANCON
Grief Rights The Honest Heart Collective Independent CANCON
Monami Foreign Diplomats Indica Records CANCON
After The Fall Adyn Townes Shout Yourself Hoarse CANCON
Arms of a Dream Reuben & the Dark Arts and Crafts CANCON